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    This folder contains various unity 3d projects that I work on . the first entries will be of tutorials but I am working on an actual game with my… Read More
    This folder contains various unity 3d projects that I work on . the first entries will be of tutorials but I am working on an actual game with my friends at 5house games which will be displayed here too . Read Less
Unity 3d Projects
A new frontier
8-29-13 Note: I am actually in  awe of  how much attention this project has gotten , It is by far the most popular project on my portfolio  and In the case someone out there would like to work on their own Lerpz project to get comfortable with Unity ( it's where I learned after all ) I would love to share this link to the actual download URL for the project on the asset store  and don't forget to read over the documentation because it gives an outstanding overview of the many things Unity makes simple and gives you a step by step instruction on how to finish the Lerpz 3D game. I HIGHLY suggest doing the 3D tutorial over the 2D one, while the 2D one is enjoyable the 3D one teaches you the " meat" of Unity Development. Thank you allfor  the attention and Happy Developing/ Gaming!!!
As of now this folder is a work-in-progress I have some big plans for unity and right now am just taking it day by day with tutorials and increasing my knowledge and understanding of the engine, how scripting in it works, and everything.  so far I love it nearly as much as the UDK , and you can tell it was made for lighter weight coding and game experiences which explains its popularity in the mobile market. Anyhow as I learn and complete more projects I am going to  fill out this folder more and more so STAY TUNED for PROGRESS!
The first tutorial I call Nuts & Bolt it stars our main character Lerpz and goes around using game objects, applying physics, gives great insight into the code and how to create various visual effects such as the rising dust could when Lerpz runs and making a sound with random pitch occur for every footstep Lerpz takes. the concept is simple and it's just a single level project until I learn a little bit more about making a miniature game out of it. 
This is the level design as of now  I still have some work to do I wanted to include a few more moving platforms and platforms to run ad jump over . I also wanted to add a   few more boxes and moving platforms to the background so it would truly look like an industrial  warehouse  setting is being established around Lerpz as he travels through the level.  still working on it next up is the 3d platformer and the racing tutorial as I f wrap this tutorial up.
Lerpz 3d! is my second project and the second unity tutorial it taught me several deep aspects of utilizing unity including creating a GUI,  creating a character in 3d space, implementing particle  , shadow, and lighting effects, creating and linking animations, how to make finite state machines in unity, creating collision boxes for several game objects, using java scripts to assist in development using unity ,  and much much more.
I present my latest project Lerpz 3d, it's the 3d tutorial listed on the unity site so far I have gotten acquainted with creating a particle system, establishing a third person camera system. and manipulating the collision ellipse around the main character. Still more work to be done but I plan to finish this tutorial within the week.!
this is my current game over screen, I am definitely going to make the font bigger but i think i would like to make two separate game over screens as well based on a players nd-game. this screen if they lose all their health and another if they manage to win .
Did quite a bit of work as far as gameplay is concerned I added the Heads up display, implemented the health items, implemented some jump pad objects, created a moving texture effect, and played with some javascripts.
Added a checkpoint system and got to observe some more awesome implementation of particle effects
Here I utilize the particle effect system in unity to make a fire stream that comes from the jetpacks.  I think the particle system may be my favorite part of unity. 
Lerpz engaaging an enemy opppper bot!
However this time the copper bot got 2 good hits in on Lerpz ( see health bar)).
Lerpz finally dominats his foe. the section taught me abut implementing finite state machines in unity which I have some experience doing in C++ , Game maker, and the UDK already. I also implemented a script that makes a random item either a health pickup or fuel cell ( used for level completion ) fly out of the defeated opponent and onto safe land. 
Here I implement a line segment within the 3d space which is represented as a laser. The laser rises and falls  based on a timed interval and if the player object and the laser collide the player is damaged. 
This is a little bit difficult to see but here i implement a picture-in-picture view event that makes use of two separate cameras. the Gate also has a " shorting out" animation it plays through that is triggered when the player collects 20 fuel cells. for demonstration puoses i just made the even trigger when the item counter is at 1. 
Here the end-game animation is played where we observe our rocket ship flying off into the distance.  this animation is triggered when the player collects 20 ( 7 for debugging purposes) fuel cells and the player  touches the ship which sends it flying off into space.
The wonderful world of Lerpz 3D!