My Self MapThis was to try and represent aspects of myself as an island, a physical egocentric space. It is in its rough stage.
There are different factions, province's that converge to make me.
Teaching, a wall separating it from family, but not Me, or Ambition, or my training/interests of Graphic Design, Data Vis.
Eccentric Childish that tends to have to be kept separate at times and be aware when I am visiting it.
Shop... not too bothered with shop... just books.
Friends, a separate island as they aren't necessarily me as they determine it and they fluctuate through life but help construct as I use Interlocutor Airways to get across potential Black Sea of Interlocution.
Ambition, well... that's enough introspective psycho-physical madness. But it does reveal meanings, thoughts making it.
Inspired by Grayson Perry's Map of an Englishman