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    A logo for Food, a catering company.
00. The Briefing
The coworking space La Industrial contacted me to make a logo for a side project: a catering company to make sandwiches on events and bowls of fast, healthy food for coworkers on business days. It was always going to operate in the same space, which is white with some accents on red. They asked me to make it simple and modern, and I also thought it had to be:
·Juicy and creamy, make you a little bit hungry,
·Without losing the trendy touch,
·Keep a certain resemblance with La Industrial's colors (white, gray and turquose) but with a different dominant,
·Be fluent and organic,
·Drag atention,
·And obviously be readable, recognizable and everything one expects from a logo.
01. Research and sketches
Since it was a side project it did not require as much market investigation or idea working as a big company, that would elevate the costs too much. I recided I was going to make just a typographic logo, since it was going to be always accompanied by actual food (and often the smell of food too). I made a compilation of stuff I thought was more or less in sync with the idea:
And then started sketching. Mostly adapting those ideas to the word food, to get familiar with it and see its limitations.
For instance, I saw right away that having three circles was something I would have to use in my favor since it was pretty much unavoidable and almost al there was to the word. Also I could try and use the F and D to enclose the word, but enclosing or compacting was not something related to the project so I tried the word to remain open.
In the end I opted for this sketch, because it had the most personality and was the one that I could relate to the project the most:
02. Iteration and polishing
Although certainly the three equal circles thing had a certain rythm to it, repetition was not an idea that I wanted  for this project and it was soaking up all the attention so I had to break it. Since I knew I was going to spin circles a lot, I decided I might as well draw it on Illustrator right away and take it from there.
Okay, well this was a start. Notice how I compacted it a lot and put it in a circle. This was so we could make a red spot to drag attention to, and stickers to enclose the wrap of the sandwiches and stuff. Red was an adequate color because it was the color of the accents of the local it was going to be in and also contrasts with the turquose of La Indistrual, while keeping the white and gray.
About the circles of the os and the d, I tried a circular motion, turning it the same amount of degrees on each circle. Having the white part on the first circle on the bottom instead of the top allowed me to compact it with the F.
But it was still not working. The motion was not visible and it looked strange in general. The two Os didn't seem to go anywhere and the D was making a very odd, neither organic nor fluent shape.
Then I compacted it a little bit more. I found out that having the first o punching from below allowed me to overlap it  straight up with the F and staying legible, so I went for it. I also tried to juggle with the circles in a vertical space, but that didn't quite work out. It was funny, sure, but less readable, I had to put extra shadows and that playfulness was not something that I wanted to add anyway. It was distracting too much.
Now this was more like it.
·From afar, you could see the flow of the white. This made it organic, not random.
·From up close, having the two OO rotated 180º one from the other helped the spectator identify them as equal shapes, and the collision with the d was  a smooth transition while making a break from the o to a different letter.
·The d was starting to get a coherent shape, merging the ascender with the circle.
Still a lot of rough edges and strange curves to iron out though.
I rounded out all the pointy ends to make it more creamy and less flamy. I also made everything thick and organic and added shadows for volume. This looked a lot more like a finished, shippable product. I also made a monochrome version and one with just the F for very small applications:
Thank you!
I really hope you like my case study! If you want to contact me to ask me anything or want me to do any work for you, my email is ManuelDomGar@Yahoo.es