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All custom hand-drawn design. First drawn in pencil, scanned in and traced in Illustrator. 30 hours of intricate tracing and color trial and erro… Read More
All custom hand-drawn design. First drawn in pencil, scanned in and traced in Illustrator. 30 hours of intricate tracing and color trial and error. Read Less
The Road Home's
Great Salt Lake
Chili Affair
Original Hand-Drawing

People have been asking me about the bottom curve on the design and, yes, there's actually a good reason for it. With a really detailed illustration like this, you can't actually resize it and place it randomly, anywhere on the page like your typical logo and elements to fit any size paper. No matter how tall any particular design piece is, the design has to fit the entire width of the paper to get the most detail out of it. The problem with this is that sometimes you end up with a LOT of extra space on the bottom of the page or you might end up with very little.

I had to come up with a solution so that there was always room for important information. As designers, sometimes text can be an ugly inconvenience, but events like this are all about giving back, so information is crucial, even on the poster announcements. By gradually tailing off all the squigglies at the bottom, I would be free to add whatever content would fit any given size paper that fell below the design, keeping the design always the width of the page, where it would remain the focus.

So, notice on the poster how the lines end and the information on the poster falls below the lower hemisphere. ...and then notice the tickets (further down the page). This is probably the smallest the design is going to be printed and we had to fit a lot of info below and still fill the width of the design area. I think tailing off the artwork at the bottom like this actually worked out really good for such a detailed piece. It's not a flawless design strategy but it worked out really great for this project.
Typogy & Letter

Most people don't notice this unless rather than thletter forms or font, this lettering is actuallyreverse negative spaceNotice the lines from the design come in, from outsidethe design and outline the forms of the letters.reverse typography
InspirationVibrant Latin Colors:Cayenne PepperRed, Green, Yellow, Orange PeppersCherry TomatosVivid Latin Talavera Pottery

For almost a quarter of a century, The Road Home has been raising awareness and money for homeless individuals and families, trying to give them the means and skills they need to incorporate back into society.

The Great Salt Lake Chili Affair is an annual event where all the top restaurants in Salt Lake City (whether chili is on their menu or not) convene to have a HUGE chili cook-off to raise money for homelessness.

Many of Utah's top ad agencies have donated their designs in past years. This year it was our turn  :)
Marketing & Promotion

First Adobe IllustratorTracing & Early Color Layering
Details of Early Production
Event Tickets

Event T-shirt Series
Designed from Elements of the Original Artwork

Photos of the Carnaval Event Entertainment: Samba Fogo