Private space of an architect. Realization 2009. Photo.
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    Constructive maximum Architect – Olga Akulova Private space of an architect or designer is sacred. But exactly this project, as unattainable ide… Read More
    Constructive maximum Architect – Olga Akulova Private space of an architect or designer is sacred. But exactly this project, as unattainable ideal, often remains not realized: the shoemaker's wife is, as generally known, the worst shod. A studio apartment of Olga Akulova is a happy exception from this rule. The work over this apartment lasted for two years and has finished not long ago. This project clearly shows the way maximum of functional areas can be created in a minimum space and make total area bigger for 10sq.m. Studio-apartment this is functional purpose of this space is situated in Kiev in a house built in 1936 for Red army officers on the territory of former St. Theodor church destroyed by Bolsheviks. When architect Olga Akulova searched for a place to live, exactly this fact drew her attention. It seemed to her that there must be special atmosphere in such house. In addition stylistics she planned for the future interior was constructivism - developed exactly in the first half of 1930th. Everything matched, and this apartment on a ground floor was purchased. New owner was not embarrassed by its deplorable state, in fact there were major repairs in plans. Primal height of all ceilings (310 cm) as the result of residing increased for 60 cm in the kitchen, and for 80 cm in the living room. It became possible due to the fact that apartment is on the ground floor of a house without basement, standing on rubble foundation. Using exact calculations of constructors, builders went deep into foundation almost for one meter. The increase of apartment’s height allowed the builders put an additional mezzanine floor with an area of 10 sq.m. where an air cantilever stair leads to. A hallway, kitchen area, sofa, cabinet and bathroom, took place on the ground floor, on the first floor there are a bedroom and a cloakroom room. In they demolished all unbarring walls, and also gave up on radiators in behalf on aquatic convectors and electric warm walls. Colour palette for the main places was dictated by the colour of Dutch factory Solid floor parquet wood. In the bathroom the author of the project was limited by strict monochrome colour palette. Using exact calculations of constructors, builders went deeper into foundation. All places of interior are furnished with the articles of modern design' classics. The look of kitchen area is formed by island Boffi K4 with a table top of stainless steel, complemented with two white cases, done on individual sketch of the architect. In living varicoloured ceramic stools by Paola Navone and designer armchair of Viccarbe gladden the eye, painting by Ukrainian artist Maria Pavlenko and book shelving of thin metal plate made on the sketch of the project's author. The table Zanotta creates working atmosphere in the cabinet together with a famous Eames chair, produced today by the Vitra company. In the centre of attention in the bedroom there is a Gervasoni bed and ceramic lamps that the owner brought from Milan. Interior gradually overgrows with new designer stuff, and the author with customers who, having seen the apartment at least once, will hardly ever go to somebody else. Text by Tatiana Pochtova, Roman Shyshak Read Less
 Architect's  working space.

Architect:  Olha Wood
Photo:  Andrey Avdeenko ( 2016 ) Roman Shishak( 2010)