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    A set of characters for various projects.
Here are some of my charaters for various projects.
Costumed character, developed for a Dubai entertainment center
Brand character for an internet provider
Squirrels for a card game, they are the main heroes. Leader, fat guy and a coquettish squrrel-girl. 
Additionaly there are a marten and a hegehog and a nut of course.
Positive vector Santa
Meet my favourite couple, Bruna and Mario. She is a Goth and he is an Emo, heavy.
Lou Addams the true detective and Jupiter the robot.
Lou and Amadine project by Oksana Grivina.
A peckish cavay monster smashing up cities looking for something to eat, for one abandoned game.
A lot (a lot!) of characters based on one body shape for Boodoo kid's project. Users can arrange their avatar choosing among an ocean of types and colours.
Members of The Uchpochmack band are cartoons. Rocket, Luka and Bro. And Bro's doggy.
For this Zemfira's project I've designed the characters and everyting.
A character sketch for kid's application. Gnome plays with liquids and substances.