Google docs curriculum is a collaborative effort from within the photography department to transform the way students learn and engage in the course and how we as lecturers can facilitate this in the most effective way. 

Students are shred briefs electronically instantly to their own folder, formative assessment record instantly and shared to their own folder. They can comment on feedback, the lessons resources for a day at the beginning of every lesson.

Lecturers across units can see through an online shared tracking sheet how well students are performing in other lessons and what their overall performance is like, curriculum leaders can access every students form of assessment instantly.

This visualisation is only a third of the overall 'big' picture so that the teaching cohort can keep a track instantly of how certain folders are shared and their permissions for viewing/editing files and to make it easier to remember where files are kept as the 'curriculum cloud' grows and grows.

We integrate weebly and google calendar and all other resources as google docs curriculum just grows.