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    Various prints and patterns that were specifically inspired by art history- particularly things I love at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Art Deco style rendering of an ancient queen.
Mirrored tangle-style pattern, of images found in the Arms and Armory at the Metropolitan Museum.
Mirrored tangle-style repeat, inspired by objects seen in the Greek wing at the Metropolitan Museum.
William Morris inspired Art Nouveau floral print.
Mirrored repeat of an oil painting inspired by cubism.
Mirror repeat of futurism-inspired NYC skyline.
Seamless repeat inspired by jewelry found at the Metropolitan Museum.
Modern art inspired scattered squares.
Art Nouveau inspired irises and cattails.
Scattered unicorn inspired by Ancient Near Eastern relief.
Lions, eagles and weapons taken from the Arms and Armory court in the Metropolitan Museum.
Greek style medallions, inspired by the Greek wing at the Metropolitan Museum.