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    series of 4 illustrations inspired by a residency with TurnAround Dance Theatre exhibited in The Dukes Gallery in Lancaster in January 2015
In November 2014 Karolful was invited to join TurnAround Dance Theatre in their res­id­ency at Yorkshire Dance. They were devel­op­ing a new piece called “Mirrored Minds”, in which they explored how we use mir­ror neur­ons to learn, recog­nise and empath­ise with one another.
In January 2015 Karolina pro­duced a series of 4 draw­ings that were exhib­ited in The Dukes gal­lery in Lancaster. These were 30cm by 40cm mixed media pieces that com­bined digital lin­ear out­line with tra­di­tional pen­cil drawing.