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    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword | Collectors Edition Design A Bachelor of arts degree diploma project
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Collectors Edition
The Legend of Zelda series doesn't have to be introduced to anybody; it's a huge classic. Because I'm a big fan of this series, and Nintendo in particular for many years now, I decided to choose a topic around that theme when declaring what I want to do for my Bachelor of arts degree diploma project. I wanted to design a Collectors Edition for a video game with a little bit of artistic touch. Skyward Sword is based on watercolors so it was a perfect material to work with. This is the final result.
The project was based on the never ending battle between good and evil in the Zelda Universe. The dragon represents the evil forces that try to take over the world (but not spoiling the true power/form behind them) and the bird represents the divine power of Goddess Hylia and a Loftwing all together.

This project contains of a book-style packaging, similar to Blizzard's games which holds a 68 page book (designed from scratch) with "the art of" section, the Wii game box and 3 disks - 1 with the game and 2 for a additional bonus sound track.
Illustrations and ornaments for this project where hand-painted with watercolor and ink. I also redesigned the logo in a way that would be adaptable for all the entries in the series (the background image was replaced by an icon).
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Bachelor of arts degree diploma project
project date: 2015
format: all elements are approx. 19 cm x 14 cm
Book-style packaging, Wii game cover, Wii game disc, 2 Soundtrack CDs, 68 page book about the game w/ artbook section (full publication design)
More pictures soon