3D packaging project (student work) 
For our 3D packaging class we had a project where we took a brand and created a system that
was some what or totally opposite of that brand. So I took the Hostess brand and created yoga accessories.  So instead of eating those delicious cupcakes you can shed those cupcakes away. 

Anahata is sanskrit for unhurt, un-struck, and unbeaten. It's the 3 charka out of  the 7 chakras and it's known as the heart chakra. Located in the back between the lungs and behind the spine. 

Since yoga is suppose to help you become healthy I felt that Anahata was appropriate for the
name choice. 

To tie back this brand to the Hostess brand I created the packaging to have a more sweet
 look to it. Instead of basic pastel colors that you see on normal yoga packaging today there more of candy colors.