Pens for the Engineer
Strong pens with smooth writing for the Engineer
For some Engineers, a standard Biro just doesn't cut it and will break on a desk when it gets hit, or simply get lost (I know that has happened to me more than a few times!).
The solution?
This is where the Pen for an Engineer comes in. Designed to do all of the above, the pen is chunky, usable, adjustable, looks smart, matches its environment and is repairable.

Made from a mixture of aluminium and steel, this pen and stand make the perfect gift for an engineer and utilises basic joints and materials to create an adjustable pen. The bolt can be rotated to adjust how firm the tip is, from solid to springy. The bolt is also removable to allow replacement of the ink cartridge.
Changes in the next feature include a redesign of the inner to accommodate Parker style cartridges rather than BIC tips and ink, improved tip and grip to something more moulded and less fractured. Other structural changes include move towards more secure bolt and stronger stand to allow use as adjustment tool.