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    Package design of house shaped box with minimalistic labels. It´s designed as a suprising present for a birthday or an anniversary.
DOMOV is a fictional brand of fruit destillates created for packaging competition. DOMOV means "home" literally and it refers to traditional Slovak folk symbolism.
DOMOV also means DOM OVOCIA, which is an acronym for words "dom" and "ovocie" and is literally translated as "fruithouse". Home made alcohol used to be associated with quality, tradition and taste. 
Decorations and icons stylizations are based on symbols on houses in Slovak village named Čičmany.
Box is constructed in a simple way, it can be folded in a while without using a glue.
An actual package is house shaped box with minimalistic labels.
You can find 4 little jam jar´s looking glasses inside. This way of serving alcohol is another reference to home made feeling.