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    Branding project for a exclusive residential complex.
Casa del Sol
Branding project
Casa del Sol is located on the beach of Ayangue - Ecuador, consisting of exclusive residential complex.

The development of the image as its main guide the cultural heritage of the area and the iconic representation of the elements found in the settlements of Guangala culture.

This culture spread inland beaches of southern Manabi province and most of the peninsula of SantaElena. The decoration used geometric designs and stylized polychrome painting, with incisions made ​​based on the contrast between matte and polished surfaces.

The content for the development of the brand would be elegance, exclusivity, culture, hierarchy and status. Is there, after months of analysis, we find the item to represent what would be a necklace found in the area several years ago, which gave to those who carried a level of social status or hierarchical level.

On the selected color range: The tones used in the pottery of the period and place are found in the mainused in the brand, the warm colors in bright colors: ocher, cream and pink suggests gentleness, kindness, hospitality and joy. Likewise, dark shades, predominantly red, show vitality, power, wealth and stability.