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koopa classic party
 koopa classic party
another fan-art project
Hey behancers!here are my new designs.I hope you will apreciate it;)
We all know that Mario is certainly the most famous videogame character of all time and i 'm personnaly an old fan .
There are thousands of fan-art pieces about  Mario on the web ,so may be you will feel like a deja-vu.(by the way one of my favorite mario fan-artwork is by Douglas Kalberg here ) and i also love the versions of vinsse aka vintz
Mario is classic ,that why i have designed the nintendo characters into classic paintings.
Special THX to : François Boucher , Arnold Bocklin, Theodore Géricault, Raphael,Pierre-Paul Rubens,and François Boucher again ;)

All these designs have been designed with the same 8 colors without gradient ,for details please take a look here
koopa classic party