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    Spa Ceylon festive packaging - University project
Design a limited edition festive packaging for Spa Ceylon, which is appropriate for a global festive season across the West and South Asia. The design must extend a larger story of old Ceylon and the Island of Ceylon.
About Spa Ceylon:
The brand personality of Spa Ceylon is "Romance of Old ceylon" which is royal relaxation, rejuvenation and healing rituals of Ayurveda, practiced in the grand  places of Ceylon. In addition, Spa ceylon has certain behavior to support human rights; against child labour and animal testing and all there products are alcohol free and contain no ingredients of animal origin. In order to show there support against animal testing, Spa ceylon has a product range called Save the Majestic Ceylon Elephant this was launched to raise awareness about the plight of Ceylon elepant. Also to help fund conservation project to safeguard majestic Ceylon Elephant range is donated.
In conclusion, the solution was to raise more awareness of the elephant campaign by telling a story about a royal elephant in Sri Lanka - the legend of Kandula, A king's elephant; from the story the scenery illustrated is the elephant relaxing near a pond where his master gives encouragement words. Since there brand is about royal relaxation, rejuvenation and healing rituals.During the festival time, no matter which part of the world that you are from people like to do something good and share the goodness with their loved ones. Furthermore, in the end of Festival Spa Ceylon can continue the existing process of donating to the elephants.
Spa Ceylon Logo
Brainstorm for the patterns
The motifs of there patterns are created from the inspiration of the pineapple flower leaf on their logo
the patterns are created from the inspiration of the triangles on the logo. The negative space and the line strokes of the motifs are used to create the triangles. 
Digital version of the packaging - 1
Digital version of the packaging - 2
Development of the Story line 
Final image of the story line
When you slide the box, the pattern continues on the sliding box