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    Everyday matters
Everyday's sketches

You can't do sketches enough. Sketch everything and keep your curiosity fresh. (John Singer Sargent)
I was so inspired by reading Danny Gregory's books (http://dannygregory.com) so I started to sketch in 2010. It's hard to find time to sketch everyday but I try to sketch when I get time. My goal is to travel with my sketchbook and record my journey through notes, drawing and sketches. I believe sketching/drawing is the most important part before the painting stage. 
Thank you for taking time to view, to appreciate, to comment my work.
I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy sketching them.
I got this elephant poo paper as a gift. Beautiful paper for sketching with the fountain pens but not with water colours. 
Poo paper products made from poop from a variety of different fiber-eating vegetarian animals. No, the paper doesn't smell at all. :)
            Study of the acron on elephant poo paper.
            Pen with coloured pencils.
Study of dried white lilies on elephant poo paper. Pen and ink with coloured pencils.
"Dove" chocolate. I find sketching can take as much time as I paint a painting.
Sketching foil paper was not easy. Pen with coloured pencils on white paper. 
Close-up of Dove chocolate. Mmmmmmmmm. :)
This is Starbuck cupcake came with a box. I didn't realize that sketching a cupcake can be hard. :) But the cupcake was delicious and simply divine especially the icing part.
Pen with coloured pencils on white paper.
Study of the tea tags. Have you noticed the tea tag when you're making tea? 
Study of sugar packages. Some of them are done on Post-it notes because the colour of the sugar package is the same colour as the Post-it notes. 
    Study form of a torn piece of paper texture from a box. 
    Coloured pencils on white paper.
Few minutes sketch of sunset and clouds.
The cool mummy cupcake which was home bake from a friend! 
It was delicious and simply divine.  
Water colours on water paper.
Mickey mouse candy in a transparency wrapper. 
I challenged myself sketching transparency paper. It was not easy but I think I did it pretty good job, don't you think? :) I wanted to try it again. I never like H pencils but I think i need to use 4H to 8H pencils for sketching transparency.