The theme “Refined” was picked for the 2011 Oklahoma State University design show graphics. This show is an annual exhibition showcasing the portfolios of graduating graphic design seniors. The work displayed is a mixture of print design, motion design, identity design, and illustration. 

"Refined"  illustrates what we do as students every day. We spend much of our time in school perfecting our pieces, our skill as designers, and our portfolios. Getting our work ready for exhibition helps us to prepare our work to be seen by potential employers. This process can sometimes be messy and take some extensive exploration to achieve, but as designers we work hard to produce a refined and polished final piece.

The exhibition graphics and collateral included two three dimensional posters built from paper, free-hanging 3d graphics to accompany the posters, a printed poster for distribution around campus, postcard design, biographies for each designer, work tags for each individual piece of work, website layout, and color-coded way-finding.
Two full-size 3d posters were crafted from paper for the exhibition, along with individual hanging shapes and free-hanging typography.
Work tags, biographies, and way-finding elements were color-coded for each individual designer.
Postcards were sent nation-wide and posters were positioned in various areas on the Oklahoma State University campus, advertising for the exhibition.
Using Behance's prosite, a webpage for the exhibition was created, showcasing each designer's work.
Jacob Gilbreath created a bumper for the exhibition by utilizing the 3d model built for the poster, and took photos of each individual for our biographies.

Each designer holds a colored gem that corresponds to the work tags and hanging way-finding gems around their work in the exhibition.
Cassie Stegman : Print and Motion Designer
Ciera Roblyer : Print Designer
David Duncan : Print and Motion Designer
Elizabeth Hahn : Print Designer
Jacob Gilbreath : Motion and Print Designer
Emily McLain : Motion Designer and Illustrator
Patrick Billings : Illustrator
Refined poster process. Starting from a Google Sketchup 3d model, then to Pepakura for papercraft templates. After each piece is constructed, all are arranged on a board, glued, and the whole model is spray-painted.
A huge thanks to my Capstone class and our professors for all the help and support!
OTHER INFO // Typeface - Franklin Gothic // Spray paint - Chalkboard & Metallic Silver // Other materials - Cardstock, Foamcore, Rubber Cement, Fishing line, & Plexiglas
REFINED Exhibition