Award Winning La Cuisine Cookware by Marcus Notley
Award Winning La Cuisine Cast Iron Cookware by Marcus Notley
Best New Kitchen Product
Marcus Notley’s collaboration with the premium cast iron cookware company ‘La Cuisine’ began with the design of a single cast iron casserole pot.  His designs have since expanded into an extensive collection of over 150 superior quality cookware items now sold around the world throughout Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and Africa; establishing 'La Cuisine' as a global consumer brand.  See for more details.
Designed in Ireland by product designer Marcus Notley, the 'La Cuisine' cookware range is versatile, aesthetically beautiful, and elegantly sculpted.  This award winning range has received a number of awards including the overall winner of the 'Best New Kitchen Product' at the RDS 'Autumn Gift & Home Show' in Ireland. 
La Cuisine Cookware cast-iron trivet original sketch concept design and finished round and oval trivet products.
With gorgeous deep two tone colours, each item is crafted using sand moulds which are used only once, forging a lighter product with very fine finish. 
Marcus developed 'La Cuisine's' patented wide angle wedge profile handle to provide a uniquely comfortable lift and this is the corner stone of the product's truly successful design.  The ample cut out handles also provide a most secure grip. 
Designed by Marcus Notley this versatile range of products can be used both on the hob and in the oven...
26cm, 5 litre family casserole in slate grey coloured enamel finish.
Round frying pan with pouring spouts. Make the perfect omelette for breakfast. Design by Marcus Notley.
The 'La Cuisine' brand has proved to be very popular in Asia, and in particular in the Japanese homeware market.  Mini cast iron serving 'Cocottes' are ideal for Asian cooking and for beautifully presenting individual portions.  
26cm, 5 litre family casserole in rich ruby coloured enamel finish. Design by Marcus Notley.
...they also look great at the table to serve up that delicious home cooked meal.
Cast iron roaster - designed by Marcus Notley.
Bon Appetit!
The 'La Cuisine' logo is proudly and permanently cast into all cookware designs as a visual reminder to their loyal customers of the company’s lifetime guarantee.   Designs by Irish product designer Marcus Notley.
Casserole in ultramarine blue coloured enamel finish. Design by Marcus Notley.
La Cuisine Cookware mini rectangular casseroles.
Capturing flavours fresh from the garden.
Lots of attention was paid to the handle design in particular - making these substantial cast-iron pots comfortable to hold and use. Design by Marcus Notley.
At its Irish launch, the 'La Cuisine' - Élysée range won the 'Best New Kitchen Product of the Year' at the 'Autumn Gift & Home Show' in the RDS.
Marcus Notley designer profile booklet accompanies all products in the 'La Cuisine' - Élysée range.
Design by Marcus Notley.
From artisan cooking to rustic baking ......  These cast iron casserole pots are also the perfect vessel for baking many traditional homemade bread recipes.
The collection started with a range of different size sauté and casserole pots, and continues to grow.
La Cuisine round skillet frying pan with cast handle.  Design by Marcus Notley
A pleasure to cook with!
Cooking to perfection!
La Cuisine Cookware set in opulent gloss enamel 'Teal' coloured finish.
'La Cuisine' cookware products are currently sold around the world throughout Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and Africa, establishing 'La Cuisine' as a truly global consumer brand.  
From Taiwan TV - Irish premium cast iron cookware company 'La Cuisine' promotional video for Asian launch of their product range. Featuring Irish product designer Marcus Notley, who designed their complete range, the video was produced for Chinese speaking market. Captured from - Chinese YouTube equivalent.
Award Winning La Cuisine Cookware by Marcus Notley

Award Winning La Cuisine Cookware by Marcus Notley

This range was designed for an established Irish cookware brand - La Cuisine. Cast-iron cookware have become more fashionable with the growing po Read More