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The Task

In this campaign creative will „follow“ media.The first step will be to recommend innovative ways in which the campaign can be realised in media.BMW will decide which ideas to use and instruct the creative agencies to produce what is needed.This means we will not provide you with online, print etc formats to plan with – you should recommend what to use.  The most common or best loved formats will then be produced.
1. The Concept (Presentation 1)
Watch the video

Dear, XXXXX!
We have presented the ideas yesterday to BMW and have already received feedback about the ideas we have to go into deeper details.Your “let us generate energy”  idea is one of those that needs to be elaborated:
This idea has to be developed further: We want to show people that they are actually creating real energy . How can we show the outcome? Please come up with ideas
 Please start to negotiate the price for the project, Please keep in mind that  this project should be developed in 6-7 countries.PL, CZ, SK, SI, RO, BG, maybe HU
Thanks for this great idea !
3. THE CONCEPT - Detailed Overview (Presentation 2)