Ali Baba Box
كيف أستطيع أن أساعد البائع المتجول لكي يعرض بضاعته بشكل بسيط وسهل الفتح و يجمعها في أسرع وقت ممكن ليهرب من البلدية؟
How can design provide Cairo street vendors with the necessary means to enhance and grow their own independent businesses?
Friday Market in the cemetery next to El-Sayyida Aisha bridge in Cairo.
Over five and a half million of the Egyptian population are street vendors, million and a half in Cairo alone, varying between college degree holders to illiterates. 30% are women and 15% are children being the main breadwinners of their families, selling to more than 10 million customers around Egypt. 

Street vendors business estimated 75 billion pounds per year, which represents 45% of the trading capacity in Egypt yet they are not permitted legally to practice their business.
El-Emam Market under El-Sayyida Aisha bridge in Cairo.
Design process: 

Studies, personal observations, in-depth interviews and group discussion were conducted throughout each phase of the project, where street vendors participated in the design process with their ideas through long consultations of scenarios and proposed suggestions “user centered design”.
Ways of Transporting the good .

Sitting Postures.
Ways of Shading.
Street vendors creative solutions for displaying their goods "non-intentional design".
Scenarios and suggestions:
According to the previous studies and analyses concerning the situation and demands ofthe street vendors, I was able to present to the street vendors a group of hypothetical scenarios regardless of the technical side; as a tool to screen the vendor’s opinion about their ideal working condition. The opinions of the street vendors were stated clearly and straight forward focusing on the pros and cons of each scenario which facilitate the evaluation.
Ali Baba Box is a suitcase used by street vendors that comes in 3 different sizes and colors made of light plastic and supported with aluminum frame. It has separate fixation sheets inside where the goods are going to be exhibited vertically or horizontally.

This product was designed after a social, economic and ergonomic design research conducted in Cairo city that aims to improve the street vendors’ display system of goods by providing them with the necessary means to grow into independent businesses which will create systematic and organized activities.
The separate sheet is made of plastic, foam or carton that has different fixation structures inspired from the vendors’ solutions “non-intentional design”. That can be changed and replaced easily in the boxes by metal tongues that are attached to the aluminum frame. This solution gives the vendor the possibility to expand his products without changing the whole suitcase.
Box + Fixing sheets = Ali Baba Box
Different fixation sheets for different goods.