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Itop twist Apple iPad wall mount
Apple iPad iTop twist wall mount
The iTop in combination with the iPad is ideal for product presentations at service desks, retail, Hotel receptions, Showrooms and expo's

Product details
Wall mount with integrated docking for the Apple iPad connector and cable. It's frame is constructed out of brushed high quality stainless steel. The top is made of a very though solid surface composite (Corian) The top is 90 degrees rotatable to allow for either Portrait or landscape presentations. Futhermore the Top has an anti theft lock system to secure the top and iPad to the frame. A sound port is integrated and a reset option for the iPad while in the holder.

- Semi matt white Corian
- Brushed stainless steel frame|
- Integrated docking (connector and cable)
- 0/90 degrees rotabable
- Anti theft device (lock or screw)
- optional home button block available
- Easy assembly
- Worldwide shipping
- Dutch design

- Lock
- Several finishes and materials for the top possible
- Logo etched, printed in top
- Car showroom plate (see home page)
- matching floor cover plate

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Itop twist Apple iPad wall mount