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    A collection of recent mixed media paintings by San Francisco based artist David Fullarton.
David Fullarton is a Scottish born, San Francisco based artist. He keeps notebooksfilled with scraps of paper, scribbled phrases, and other ephemera that heincorporates into his artwork. These elements represent the often overlookedstuff of daily life, which is the root of Fullarton’s inspiration. He seesbeauty in the ways people manage to find joy and meaning in the minutiae. Theartist paints vibrantly complex canvases whose elements jumble and mix togetherin a facsimile of modern life. Fullarton compliments these with smaller mixedmedia drawings on paper. These paper works are sometimes the genesis of thefinished paintings, but are more often stand-alone vignettes featuring forlorncharacters who find themselves in compromising situations. More examples of hiswork can be found at http://www.davidfullarton.com

Guard With Tenderness Small Things That Have No Words.Mixed media on masonite with attached squirrel head, 2006.

Men In Exile Feed On Dreams Of Hope.Mixed media on canvas, 2006.

We Too Are One.Mixed media on canvas, 2009.

Leaping Before We Look.Mixed media on canvas, 2008.

Failing Once Again To Keep The Beasts At Bay.Mixed media on canvas, 2007.

Fighting The Ratings War.Mixed media on canvas, 2009.

You Tell Us The Answer, You Who Know So Much.Mixed media on canvas, 2007.

There's Plenty More Where That Came From.Mixed media on canvas, 2007.

Viewer Discretion Advised.Mixed media on canvas, 2008.

We'd Like You Better If You Were Someone Else.Mixed media on canvas, 2007.

All Is Not Lost, But Much Has Been Mislaid.Mixed media on canvas, 2007.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do.Mixed media on canvas, 2008.

And I Say To Myself What A Wonderful World.Mixed media on canvas, 2009.

I Reserve The Right To Refuse Admission To Anyone.Mixed media on canvas, 2008.

Enough Is Enough.Mixed media on canvas, 2008.

One Entry Per Person, No Refunds.Mixed media on canvas, 2006.

We're Not Falling For That Old One.Mixed media on canvas, 2009.

Your Trouble Is You Know The Cost Of Everything And The Value Of Nothing.Mixed media on canvas, 2008.

This Time Yesterday, Today Was Tomorrow.Mixed media on canvas, 2006.

You Take the High Road.Mixed media on canvas, 2006.