Earth 1.0 Space Museum - Desktopography 2011

2200 | Our planet becomes over-populated and polution is now a dramatic problem. New pandemics arrive while the water has to be filtered because of its toxicity.
2300 | A new planet has been discovered and seems to be at a reasonable distance for our technology. United Nations set up an emergency plan and provides more money for space research.
2400 | Colonisation slowly begins, first cities are built & people start to relocate.
2500 | At this time, Earth has become uninhabitable. While the richest are able to evacuate the planet, the poors stays & survive has they can.
3000 | The Earth has become something of the past, making it a historical monument in itself. Nobody living has ever lived on Earth, Humanity can only learn about this era though the museums.
DETAILS (85% close-ups) original is 6000x3860px @300dpi
Step by step slideshow
I started making a few drafts on paper to define my initial concept & ideas. I then used Cinema4D to create a rough 3d sketch of the scene, this helped me to place elements into the composition & to define the overall perspective of the scene. The goal here was not to create the full scene in 3d, but just to get a base & export it in Photoshop.
Thanks to Lara Croft who was my temporary 3D model & Erik Schumacher's space scene I used temporary for the sketch.
I used rock textures to help me painting the planets from scratch. I didn't work too much on this part because it was supposed to be a detail of the whole scene but it tooks me a few hours to complete.
I made a few renders from the 3D scene and I kept everything layered in Photoshop (it was a nightmare). I quickly defined a bit more the ambiant & worked mainly on the volumetric lighting from the sphere and its texture.

After cutting out the characters from their original photo, I placed them in the scene & fixed their proportion. As you can see, I used the same people many time, so I changed them by painting new clothes, hair, etc…

Here is some of the research I gathered for the videos within the sphere. This part was REALLY long as i wanted to make sure they were placed in a way where the images were linked together creating a story for the viewer.

I then prepared my holograms on separated PSD and included them as dynamic layers into the main file, it was perfect to keep the control over the time.

I hope you enjoyed this trip in year 3000. A retrospection of our world though the eyes of our descendant. Finally, they just feel curious like us when we visit an Egyptian Museum. We are not eternal so make good things around you & create !


This artwork was featured at Artist Wanted's show in NYC Times Square — June 2012.
Earth 1.0 Space Museum - Desktopography 2011