Logo designing to me is the definition of any product. May it be an application or maybe a company. Beneficial or not, people do judge a company through it's logo at times. I design a log according to the need of the company. If the company is strong and bold in character, there are different set of colors. If it is more of a product that demands the reliance of people, then it employs different color tones. Green serves for reliability, red for bolness, black for class, flat for some and skewmorphic for others. But there are two options-either you fully detail your icon or logo. Or you still manage to reserve the simplicity in it. I'll be adding more logos as I work on more projects.
Hope you like them! 
It is the best when a blend of gradients and a flat character is still preserved. Gives an awesome visual effect. Secondly, respect colors! Use it just when it is required. Although you have a huge collection of hex codes ... not all of them go together.
This logo was designed for an iOS application wherein you challenge different people to do different tasks. Green for surity and victory and the cup yellow adds a tinge of newness.
The client wanted it to have the kookaburra and also mantain the old day badge style for his logo. I guess he got it!
When it comes to richness and values of a renowned institutions, I guess nothing would go better than gold and a rich color like - maroon or prussian blue. I guess you just need to know where the light would shine and it is really easy to make skewmorhic art.
When flat art doesn't work for some. There is always an aww to these designs as nothing can me more interactive than 3D objects. The website was a sales website. So decided to use blue which represents calmness and trust. Easy for people to believe right?
Bricky>checked   |  Orchid> checked   | eight> checked.
That was designed for a youtube video blogger who had his channel named Brickyorchid8. He wanted a shield type logo too as a requirement. Nailed it!
The academy was basically for initation of mental peace within people. So a shade of violet and blue combined with their lighter shades. All i wanted to do is create an eye soothing effect. Yes you can judge the institution now. ;)
Yes might not be the best that you've seen but I get better through a Thumbs up from the people who trusted and counted on me for some work.

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