Pick Me, Cook Me, Eat Me
University Minor Project
I created the brand 'Pick Me, Cook Me, Eat Me' for my minor project in my third year. I wanted to create a project, which encouraged children to eat healthier and I thought the best way to do this was by involving them in the preparation of their own food.

I approached this issue by making recipe cards, which would be displayed in the fruit and veg isle in supermarkets. There would be a different recipe card displayed each week, which the children could collect.

I wanted the brand as a whole to look very handmade, fun and colourful, so I drew the logo and scanned it in and used a lot of my own handwriting and drawings, as well as a very handwritten font for the insides. I wanted photos for the front, to show the food looking tasty, so I made each recipe and photographed it. On the backs of the cards I wanted something that involved the children, so I made a pattern which could be coloured in. Each pattern was made up of the ingredients of each recipe. On the inside I added checkboxes for each of the ingredients, so the children could check off the ingredients as they got them, to make them feel more involved in the shopping and eating healthily process. (I haven't uploaded all of the insides of the cards as they are very similar)

I then designed vouchers for the insides of the recipe cards, as an incentive for the parents. The vouchers each include offers for ingredients specific to each recipe, as well as offers for getting free gifts, like a free ring binder to hold the cards. I designed the ring binder with a pattern similar to the backs of the recipe cards. (I will upload a photo of the ring binder soon)

I designed a point of sale stand to hold the cards. Each point of sale stand would change depending on what recipe card was out each week, as it just shows an enlarged version of the recipe card.

The labels I designed are for putting on the ingredients, to help the children pick out the right ingredients for the recipe. On the back of each label is nutritional information for that ingredient.
Front, back and inside of the smoothie recipe card.
Front and back of the pasta recipe card.
Front and back of burger recipe card.
Front and back of the veggie pastie recipe card.
Front and back of the sushi recipe card.
Front and back of the fruit skewer recipe card.
Front and backs of labels, to be put on the ingredients for the recipes to help the children pick the right things and to educate them.