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    Press campaign
You are young. Brilliant.
A terrific stage that many would like to repeat and never happens.
But being young also means that many people will judge you.
They wont listen to you, they’ll complain about you, criticize you;
they’ll want to change you. They will want you to be something that you are not,
that you don’t want to be: applied, a good student, a lawyer, an architect, a doctor,
an engineer, a dentist; the perfect girl, the prodigal son.
People that want you to get a degree on something, to be “somebody”…
And they don’t get you for one simple reason: they are NOT young.
We need people to support and applaud this new generation that’s been labeled “irresponsible”, that they “don’t care about anything”, that they “have no future”.
So we would like to tell you Congratulations!
For being who you are and not what a diploma says you are.
For graduating as your young self.
Graduated as big nobody
Gen 2015
Graduated as Big Gossip
Gen 2015
Master in Neurotics
Gen 2015
Bachelors in Kama Sutra
Gen 2015
Master in Masturbatory Sciences
Gen 2015
Bachelors in hook-ups
Gen 2015