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    Speak Magazine: Issue 17 Winter 2000
Speak Magazine: Issue 17
Winter 2000
Vive La Window-Cleaning ... Bing Crosby Teen Repellent ... Mayan Women Take the Stage ... Fear and Flying in Laos ... China’s Great Wax Men ... edited by Katherine Wessling.

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The Poet Is Always On Time: Notes on Charles Olson ... by John Lardas

Ellen Willis ... by Michelle Goldberg
Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick ... by Renée Lertzman
David Byrne ... by Roger Sabin

Campaign 2000: Notes from the Iowa Straw Poll ... by Matt Neuman
Fun Lovin’ Criminals: British mobsters make a killing ... by Roger Sabin
City ... fiction by Stephen Dixon
Apocalypse Already: A Museum for the New Age ... by John Lardas & Elizabeth Kleine
Slash and Burn: A narrative model for the millennium ... by Harold Jaffe
Every Dog Will Have Its Cake: California canines get their day in the sun ... by Tom Price
Wyoming: The Final Chapters ... fiction by Barry Gifford

Hell-Bound in a Handbasket: Jedediah Purdy and his misreading of ironic culture ... by Tomas Matza

Pauline Oliveros ... by Amanda Nowinski

Quimby the Mouse ... by Chris Ware

:sudden fiction
On Swine ... by Kenneth Bernard

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