Identity and packaging for new and hyped veggie brand
Oumph is part of the new generation of innovative food products taking over the world. It’s 100% made of beans. It’s insanely good for the environment, it’s easy to cook, and last but not least, it tastes delicious. The brand is all about epic veggie eating for free range humans. This product will turn meat-lovers vegan!
The Case
We were brought in by sustainability agency Futerra to develop the identity for Oumph. The brand identity feels off the hook, punk, and raw since the brand is anything but your run-of-the-mill, boring eco-friendly veggie product.”The brand is a revolution and a punch in the face. The graphic identity was crafted and inspired by the look and feel of food trucks and chalkboard scribbles. Oumph is booming on Facebook. People are ecstatic and raving about the product. Meat-lovers are on the verge of turning vegan. Oumph will change the world, and we are here to help them reach their goals. Snask has been in charge of creating the brand identity as well as the packaging design; we have hand painted all product names and the majority of the typography.
The styling is by Elisabeth Johansson and food photography by Wolfgang Kleinschmidt

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