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    Livro Pirata
The Pirate Art Historywas inspired by The Piracy Project, a project of international exhibitions andpublications that explore the philosophical implications, legal, practices ofbook piracy and creative methods of reproduction.
Designed by the artistBeatrice Bittencourt, through an invitation to other artists asking forcollaboration for the reinvention of the book "The Story of Art" byGombrich, the idea was rethinking the book-object, its contents and its history,in a way that could be reproduced by photocopy, download and scan.

The studioparticipated in this project developing a remake of "The Musician",by Marc Chagall.

The final bookcontains 112 pages of the original text, pirated by artists who developed audioand visual interpretations of the austere pages before. Gombrich tells that thehistory of art is the story of "to create good images" and thisedition brings this perspective to the extreme.

The project is alsocoordinated by Andrea Francke and the library "Byam Shaw", London.