Monday. AGAIN.
Who likes Mondays?!
After being hated and resented by workers and students alike foryears upon years, Monday has decided to quit. Who will overtake theMonday job? Tuesday isn’t keen. Sunday is too laid back. How does theworld react to a life without Monday? It will mean less days at work,but also less pay in your paycheck.Are Monday’s really that bad?!
This campaign, consisting of newspaper, television, radio andoutdoor bigscreen advertisements aims change the average 9-5 cityworkers opinion - if only just for a moment - of Mondays.
Monday's resignation letter in the newspaper
Do you have the qualities needed to do this day justice?
Newspaper comment page.

>Naturally Sunday couldn’t understand Monday’s irresponsible behaviour. Sunday loved his job.
>Tuesday didnt want Monday to quit. The terrible burden would then be laid onto him.
>Thursday wanted the Monday job.
>Bank Holiday Monday officially stated that it doesnt have any plans to quit like irresponsible Monday.