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    A collection of eBook cover designs I created for a few of my author friends.
It's no secret design is only one of many passions of mine. #2 is Writing, and #3 is reading books, especially when they are written by excellent authors who also happen to be good friends of mine. Several of my friends have asked me to design covers for them as they start out their writing careers by self-publishing Amazon e-books. If you also love reading, you should definitely check these titles out! They are excellent.
This cover was designed for my friend, Daniel Rodrigues-Martin, a Sci-fi and adventure writer. The Quantum Fall of Thaddeus Archibald Dubois is an off-beat, semi-autobiographical story of Daniel's time-travelling adventures with a 1920s strongman who was accidentally propelled into time travel. Daniel asked for a vintage typographical carnival/circus poster style for the cover, and since the first episode was very descriptive of T.A. Dubois' sculpted form and bulging muscles, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight this with imagery of a vintage bicep illustration to go along with the title. You can buy Episode 1 Episode 2 on Amazon for only $1.49 each so check them out! They are excellently written.
This cover design concept was based on the story this collection of short stories was named for, The Attempted Love Life of Rudy Campbell, a snapshot of a lonely man who falls in love with an extraterrestrial female living billions of lightyears away, only to discover companionship was just next door all along. I chose a distressed vintage style for the cover graphics in reference to vintage sci-fi stories and shows during the space age, and went with a quirky, Twilight Zone-esque type treatment to enhance the vintage sci-fi feel. Check out J. Walter Brockmann's book of short stories on Amazon for only $0.99!