Initially exploring ‘Pseudo-Anglicisms’ and the mistranslation andmisinterpretation which occurs between English [which has the authorityas ‘the international language’] and other languages, this projectdestabilises that authority and puts the English speaking reader/viewerinto the position of being ‘outside’ of their own language systemlooking in.

This work can also be seen as an attempt to refresh the way we viewinformation which we sometimes only ‘half-read’, see in our peripheralvision, or take for granted.
This idea was explored through a variety of media; such as signage, newspapers, radio, TV and printed books.
Translation In Lost Newspaper

“SCORPION: Guide with the fact is would someonewith the visualization, all same one is arrived? And does someoneportraying an execute, passage will see? It had to be much rememberedthat, that is answered always in all questions is not simple. Thenover-support situation, reaches obviously? Can the actors with theresult make a dream? Can they are situation personnel reach resultsatisfy? Total.”
Translation In Lost Signage
Translation In Lost Books
“Ring the ring Rosie,
Pocket of sufficient posies,
Starnuto! Starnuto!
Our whole neighbour drops.”
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