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    A selection of Photographs taken around the local area to where I live
I love looking at beautiful and interesting photos and keep my own photography mainly as an occasional hobby. Getting out the house and capturing a moment or view point can be great fun If I had the time, I'm sure it's something I could get seriously immersed in. I photograph using anything from a Cannon 450D Digital SLR to my mobile phone- whatever I have to hand.
Big Ben looks cool at night! Now I can join the millions of tourists across the globe to own a photo of this iconic landmark :P
One of my first more creative camera shots taken with Sony Cybershot. Can you guess what it is? I’m not a photographer, but I like to give it a go and enjoy experimenting with different techniques. The Contrast was adjusted in Photoshop.
Tree silhouetted against the evening sky. Taken at High Halstow Nature Reserve, Kent.
Inquisitive cat taken near the sea front at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. I have cats of my own and like taking photos of them
Chestnut cases taken in Cobham woods in Kent. Not sure what the technical name for the prickly outer cases of chestnuts are called? Husks perhaps? Considering it was July when this was taken, it really felt like autumn with so many brown leaves on the floor.
Roots from an upturned tree taken in Cobham woods, Kent. Liked the textured look of this one.
Wild Mushrooms growing out of a tree stump. Taken in Cobham woods, Kent. There's often not a lot of unique or interesting things to shoot in a typical wood. Sure, there's trees and leaves, but as soon as I find something different even if it is a common mushroom, I get all excited and want to take a photo of it!
Mushrooms on the woodland floor taken at Cobham woods, Kent. I like how the blurred focus gives a serene, painterly. water colour look.
Macro shot of a thistle bud taken at Cobham woods, Kent. Love how the purple stands out against the green background.
Overhead shot of a thistle taken in Cobham woods, Kent. It was used as a demo for basic selective colour editing with Photoshop.Overhead shot of a thistle taken in Cobham woods, Kent. It was used as a demo for basic selective colour editing with Photoshop.
I think these concrete blocks must be some kind of coastal erosion defence taken at the Isle of Grain, Kent. Looks like some kind of weird geometric art installation.
Waves taken at the Isle of Grain, Kent. I just wanted to create a cool looking abstract photo manipulation using one of the wave pictures I had taken earlier and this is the result :)
One of the many amazing sunsets I've seen at the Riverside Country Park, Rainham, Kent. Apparently I break the photography rule of having the horizon line in the centre of the image, but I tried taking different shots and still liked this one best.
Taken at Riverside Country Park, Rainham, Kent at low tide. When I look at this picture, it reminds me of the surrealist painter Salvador Dali's work.
Disused crane taken in Rochester, Kent. I find things like cranes and industrial architecture fascinating.
After having spent 40 hours having repairs chips, scuffs and given the car a full detail, I wanted to get a good shot of it and happened to be driving during a nice purple sky sun set, so pulled over and took some photos. Unfortunately I had to rely on my camera phone as my Digital SLR camera wasn't to hand, but it came out well.