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Choose one film director and design nine elements for promoting a director’s film festival. The elements of the festival include a poster, a website, a film soundtrack, a schedule, advertisements, DVD packaging, tickets, stationery, and souvenirs. All of the film festival elements must function together as a whole.
The key to this project is finding a thread. The thread is a characteristic, idea or something about the films. I chose Wes Anderson as my director. I found that all of Anderson’s films are about a man who has lost something, and tries to recover his losses by using wacky, silly and damaging solutions. I created hand drawn illustration to represent an idea of silliness and unusualness. I add an idea of wacky solutions or silly beliefs in some of the elements such as a pill that cures all kind of pain, a disguise set and a very unusual charm. I also adapted the vintage look and feel of Anderson’s movies. I used Slap serif typeface, oldstyle objects to represent memories of old days.