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    My senior project at Auburn University was branding a skateboard shop.
Concrete Canvas
Skateboard Shop, Auburn, AL
Concrete Canvas is a skateboard shop located in Auburn, Alabama, a town with a large population of skateboarders who are currently forced to purchase products online or from neighboring cities. This shop prides itself on emphasizing skateboarding as an art rather than a sport, viewing the activity as a creative interpretation of one’s surrounding landscape in a physical manner. Contemporary skate shops have taken the role as a community center and headquarters for local skateboarders; while maintaining the function of providing necessary products for skateboarding, shops also carry the responsibility of promoting the local skate scene. Concrete Canvas is an operation run purely for skateboarders by skateboarders. We intend to create unity in a scattered skateboarding scene by emphasizing key values in the community.
The aesthetic of Concrete Canvas is based on the contrast between the vibrant and energetic appeal of
skateboarding and the stony, urban environment that skateboarders thrive in. Finding the creative potential in overlooked or abandoned architectural structures is skateboarding’s highest calling, and this theme is presented outright in Concrete Canvas’s color scheme: radiating orange, yellow, and red emerging from fields of rigid gray.
Concrete Canvas focuses on promoting the local skateboarding scene in Auburn, AL, and these shop decks do so by emphasizing well known skate spots within the city. Each board presents an illustration of a specific spot, accompanied by the name it was given by local skateboarders.
The packaging of skateboarding accessories for the Concrete Canvas incorporates two of the primary themes of this company: the aforementioned revelation of vibrant color from a gray environment, and use of ITC Lubalin Graph to employ words or, in this case numerals, to visually suggest the unique structural forms sought by skateboarders in the streets.
Yellow Curb is a shop video that presents the talents of Concrete Canvas team riders. This particular video focuses on skateboarding in the local area and pays tribute to the roots of skateboarding itself. The video’s title is derived from the fundamental knowledge that street curbs painted yellow are ideal for grind tricks, referencing a nostalgic notion shared by skateboarders and again emphasizing the value they place in ordinary urban structures.