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    An exploration of the western and northern coast of Norway.
Arsvågen 2012
This is a personal long-term project which started in 2008. The title translates to Coast.
This project is rooted in my dream of a home with the ocean as the closest neighbour. The ocean has a special presence which I can't find in other landscapes. Wherever the ocean is close, I feel at home.

These photographs are gathered from my explorations of the western and northern coast of Norway. Until the ocean is my neighbour they function as my ocean view.
Sandbukta 2012
Lauvvik 2010
Karmøy 2011
Eigerøy 2008
Geitungen fyr 2011
Mortholm lykt, Karmøy 2010
Feistein fyr 2008
Kvalen lykt, Haugesund 2009
Feistein fyr 2008
Karmøy 2010
Boknafjord 2012
Kvalavåg 2010
(Kystbussen Stavanger-Bergen) 2009
Boknafjord 2010
Boknafjord 2012
Boknafjord 2010
Halhjem 2009

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