Alfa EGO
Although in-car technologies have rapidly expanded to include more features, from enhanced navigation to social integration and ecologic awareness, the dialogue between the car and its users has stayed almost the same.

Based on and inspired by the strong character of Alfa Romeo values, EGO App tries to suggest a new dialogue by building up three identities for the Alfisti and their Alfa Romeos: Social, an Alfa to attract people for becoming a social hub; Traveler, a travel companion to remember and share; and Eco, a sensitive Alfa to suggest and improve awareness.

Through game-like modality and awards, Alfa EGO not only manages to strongly communicate Alfa Romeo brand to more people, but also opens up new paths of partnerships that can expand the brand into new domains.

Thanks to Sezen Yeniceri for support with the visual design. You can check her work out here:
User Scenario:
The EGO Profile is a synthetic overview of the character and behavior of the Alfisti. Within one page, it displays the activities in the EGO identities, like upcoming and past events, achievements acquired or statistics related with the Alfa. More activity in each field corresponds to growth in the logo of each identity, creating a visual overlook  of the character.
Social identity is based on picking up friends and making the Alfa a social hub. Invitations for pick-up can be sent, offering a ride to an event or a place that is planned to be attended together. Also, the routine rides, like to work, can be announced to the Alfisti community, enabling carpooling through a social modality.
Traveler identity is formed by turning the taken itinerires into multi-media itineraries and sharing these with the Alfisti community. This also brings the opportunity to search through itineraries created by other Alfisti or even through potential partnerships.
Eco identity aims to increase the efficiency of the Alfa by teaching/suggesting the Alfisti ways to decrease their CO2 consumption in game-like modalities like challenging a friend on reaching a eco point in a certain time period. Also, as Alfa EGO is connected with the Fiat Blue&Me, it can track the driving performance and correspond with suggestions in real-time. These suggestions can also acquired with connectivity to other services like city-traffic or weather reports.