Tourista: Bientôt dans votre ville!
Tourista: In Your Town, Soon!
Collaboration with sculptor Théo Mercier for his piece "Bientôt dans votre ville" (In your town soon)
The sculpture is a life-size non-working Monster Truck, based on a Renault 21, displayed on the side of a country road in France.
The goal was to make a poster that would look like it's announcing a real Monster Truck show coming to town, featuring this very special machine called "Tourista", a french slang term used to describe illness caused by foreign (supposedly unclean) food.
Format: 80 cm x 106 cm - 32 in x 42 in
The original piece "Bientôt dans votre ville", constructed by Théo Mercier in July 2011, France.