Star Memento
Personal Project

The sky is criss-crossed by inumerous lines, dividing it in quadrants, sectors and figures. Unless you take an interest in Astronomy, chances are you never really think about this.

Furthermore, of all the possible combinations, who gets to say which lines connect to what?
It can be unnerving to look up and realize that we don´t know enough to see all the detailed illustrations that are supposed to be there.

If you take away all the lines and markings (pretty much the way the sky always is when you look at it),
all you have is infinite canvas to draw and take note of those things you really want to remember, like the birthday of your mother-in-law or where you parked your car.

Despite a decent degree of imagination and goodwill, I have trouble picturing the lively image above, drawn from a couple of stars. It also does not help that I´m not always thinking about mythology.

What I think about all the time is a little more ordinary and yet, urgent, for the most part.
So, why don´t we stop looking up for figures we not always remember, and start taking notes that we will actually use? 

It might not be as poetic and glamorous as the traditional constellations, but as long as it rekindles an interest in the matters of the stars, it can be just perfect.