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    The new Fortaleza International Passengers Cruise Terminal
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Kathia Román Reina, Tais Costa, Ricardo Saboia, Elton Timbó, Felipe Duarte
Passenger Port Terminal - City Location
Praia Mansa Park - Passenger Port Terminal Location
Location at the port of Fortaleza 
The privileged geographic location and the steady weather make Fortaleza one of the most important maritime terminals in Brazil. The city is among the fifth most visited for international visitors in Brazil and the main destination for domestic tourists being clearly vocated to attend the increasing demand for cruises. 

With almost 60 years of activity since the construction of the breakwater of Titan, the Port of Fortaleza plays an important role in maritime routes along Brazil's shore, also being the first stop in Brazilian waters to vessels coming from Europe and North America.
Acting mainly as a port-of-call, with the new terminal, Fortaleza may be converted in the best city to fly-port operations due to its distance to Lisbon and Miami, both less than 7 hours away by flight.

Its influence comprises the neighboring regions from the northeast areas of Brazil and attracts passengers coming from different cities. Fortaleza stands in a strategic position as a major linking point to several  national destinations.
Passenger Port Terminal Perspective
Passenger Port Terminal Perspective
Passenger Port Terminal Perspective 
Passenger Port Terminal  
Passenger Port Terminal 
The new Fortaleza International Passengers Cruise Terminal  will offer a complete pack of services to the passenger and  cruise operators. There will be shopping areas, restaurants, cafes and snack places, internet access, first aid post, besides all federal offices which assures the security as an ISPS Code Port. It will also display facilities to cruise agencies to operate, as well as all accessibility infrastructure for handicapped visitors.
Due to Fortaleza’s vocation to become a fly-port,  the design concept was to create a multifunctional open space where all cruise operations can be quickly adapted to answer different seasonal and operational demands.

The Terminal presents multipurpose rooms to hold different kinds of events and also to allow an inner expansion, becoming an exclusive boarding space. It also presents a generous balcony overlooking the nearby natural landscape and inviting the complex visitation.
The design combines a flexible spacial structure with a modern style serving as a doorway to the city and creating a transparent landmark to Fortaleza look at and be looked.
Passenger Port Terminal - First Floor
Passenger Port Terminal  - Second Floor
Passenger Port Terminal -  Food court 
Passenger Port Terminal - Departing Area
The building construction was finished in May 2014.