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    Drawings = INK & PEN + hand&eyes, heart&mind
music/  Vashti Bunyan - Train Song
Charming Crooks

In summer days, with the first rays of sun, a gang of hooded crows comes to my neighborhood.
I watch them from my window as they waddle down the street and since there is a wide span of elegance between crow in the air and a crow on the ground I can't help but to laugh a little. :)

Anyhow those charming, clever crooks don't seem to have any problem with their self confidence as they are cruising down the street, patiently checking every little corner. Their sharp concentration and their attention for details convinces me in their capability for finding all kinds
of strange treasures...  I can't help not to think how great it would be if I could put a beak on and be part of  that gang just for a day. :)
Abandoned shadows 
Attracted by the light of blank white papers that I left last night, many velvet moths gathered in my apartment. I didn't notice them when I entered room to close the window and my sudden appearance woke them up from that "mirage". They flew out in panic and left their little shadows on the paper, under the light.
Now I am waiting for them to return and claim their shadows back. I even have one tiny needle and some silk thread in case they need some help... As we all learned from Peter Pan. :)
South Wind
South wind is a North wind's brother. He is moist, powerful and ancient wind. As you can guess from
his name he comes from the South, from the sea, followed by heavy clouds, rain and tall waves.
Unlike North Wind he is not really loved by the people and that is not so strange when you know that he makes most of the people feel like they have been covered with some gloomy shroud.
In the past times it was forbidden to make any serious decisions while South wind was roaming around.


Silly little birds...
They forgot to fly down south, before Winter
and now they are falling down with leaves
realizing that it will be a long time until Spring...
... At least North Wind will have some fun.
Silly little birds.

North Wind, my dearest wind and my old friend... In time when I was living in my home town,
by the coast, he was regular visitor. But now when I live in Zagreb I don't see him that much any more... And i do miss him. He would know how to deal with this unpleasant Zagreb's fog.  >:-/