Pewit's Nest, near Baraboo, Wisconsin; November 2011
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    Fine art photographs of Wisconsin's Pewit's Nest State Natural Area, near Baraboo, Wisconsin; 8 November 2011; cold, rainy and low contrast!
Pewit's Nest
Pewit's Nest is one of those very special places for me.  It's about an hour from my home and I can typically enjoy it all by myself, even though it's an extremely popular place.  One of the reasons that I can have it to myself so frequently is that I prefer to visit it on colorful fall days when the light might be considered to be less-than-ideal.  Today when I was there, it was raining.  The overcast skies helped to light the whole of Pewit's Nest and reduce the effects of shadows and strong beams of light - a low contrast day, instead of a high contrast day!

Finding Pewit's Nest is pretty easy - it's just about a mile west of Baraboo, Wisconsin on Skillet Creek.  There's a small parking lot off of the road, and then just a short walk from the parking lot to Pewit's Nest.  If you've been to the southwestern US, then you might recognize this as Wisconsin's own slot canyon!  Get out there and enjoy!!!