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    Mixed media book decontextualization exploration.
The following text is extracted from the original book, to craft an abstract poetic narrative. I have no rights or ownership to this novel. This was created for a class project in which the students were asked to repurpose a book through mixed media explorations. 
The following lines of text have been pulled from 34 pages, all are not pictured below.
Opened to the furthest limits of the earth
We are afraid because we live, 
Life is a long dream 
Transported by our love 
Face was lost 
Follow the path 
Theory of temporariness
Isn’t a good enough reason to forget, but you did 
Things we knew by heart
The links between 
He told the story 
I didn’t believe the story 
Examples, not as lived reality 
Everything had become absurd
There was the dark 
How can I describe it?
Back to the story 
If i’d understood
Have you accepted?
Correct the details because she’d forget 
Everyone believed me 
Obliterated landscape
Prisoners of a past
Entered a labyrinth 
It was as though time had stopped  
United by one thing : waiting
From one prison to another
To places I’d forgotten 
See fear, then you’ll understand
Discovers her all over again 
Start the journey once again 
Seemed so logical
I swear