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    Free music compilation, featuring some of the most forward thinking music producers in the southern california scene
Showcasing some of the most forward thinking music producers in San Diego's scene.
S. metropolis besides Ne he bitter (or lazy)
The Artists
About the project

Events put together by various crews such as SDDubstep, Ocean Beats, ELEV8, Critical Beatdown,
Dead Technology, Liquid Geometry and the legendary Brokenbeat night, have brought out-of-city talent (such as Liquid Stranger, Downlink, Daedelus, Eliot Lipp, and Joe Nice) to appreciative patrons starving for something beyond the reggae and indie-rock scenes San Diego is traditionally known for. While providing a rare space for these touring artists to perform, local producers have been bumping their impressive sounds as well, easily competing with the main acts. As a former bitter (and lazy) zealot of San Diego's underground, this author can attest to the eyebrow-raising development of these artists and the bass philanthropists who support them.

Dataset clothing line founder Miguel Vega is one of them. Compiling the first volume of the
Future Sounds of San Diego, Vega united a fresh crop of producers to contribute tracks with the noble intent to continue putting the 'SouCal' city on the international map of bass-oriented electronic music. Dubstep schmubstep - these tracks are not warble throwaways with presets, but rather hand-crafted songs from producers dead bent on celebrating their musical influences while also reinventing them. Soaking up the organic G-Funk of the Illuminauts (be sure to check their live show when in a city near you) the galloping push-pull nostalgia of Elk Beats and the staggered swagger of eLan, one would be hard-pressed to deny that this is an exciting time for bass culture in the 'ol San Breezey.


Beau Lamontagne

Dub Dynamite/ Gematria! Records

The Album Cover

A collaborative work between graphic designer Miguel Vega and illustrator David Peña, that started on the idea of a tridimensional cityscape inspired on San Diego skyline.

Mastered at UCSD by Aaron Zimmerman.

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