The project started with the great reference photo found by coincidence via Google. Unfortunately I'm no longer able to detect the author of it (my apologies). Initially I just wanted to paint something big and colourful and humorous.
 The heroes – domestic hens were chosen by purpose. It's easy to mirror with your brush the beauty of swans, eagles, peacocks, lions  or others creatures having a good press. But chickens or sparrows? They are second class, lower category citizens, no doubt  than useful... but nor majestic nor  showy enough to decorate your living room or galleries' walls!?
 I paint my chickens with a special care, using a lot of gold and purple  (reserved for kings and gods ;o) and I used structural pastes to make their feathers more tangible. Now it is as huge as every epic romantic picture should be! Acrylic on canvas,  size: 150/100 cm.
 My chickens are a plain  symbol of all underestimated, underpaid, underrated souls. So... look in their eyes... and stay awake. Wind of change is coming... THE HEN'S REVOLUTION soon be there ;o)
The initial, reference photo and the first rough aquarelle paining
Making colour and composition's decisions with another aquarelle painting
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My private project. The work might be my life motto or state of mind lebel :o) To showcase my work I used a mock up