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Genuine Cow Leather
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​Toy Design- Single pattern exploration 
​Toy Design- Single pattern exploration 
​Toy Design- Single pattern exploration 
Inspiration- Fauna/Rabit/Pigeon
"Steam Punk"
A stylized buckle re-engineered from the bobbin-hook mechanism of a sewing machine
Buckle design- Inspired from a inner mechanism of a sewing machine.
Material- Leather draped over brass plate with an application of chemicals to impart a hard vintaged look
The Buckle draws inspiration from the 'gear mechanism'. It has been conceptualized using layering of multiple layers of metal gears.
The Poem Bags are characterized by their intricate detailing and workmanship.
The logo plate is an extension of this legacy. The manufacturing technique is filled for a 'Patent'
Brand  Logo Plate
The Motif is the paisley form the technique includes leather draping and a brass inlay 
Customized trim designed for leather hand bags which draws inspiration from F1 car.
Customized trim designed for leather handbags which draws inspiration from F1 car. The final product has been developed in zinc via pressure die casting
Concept Bag Design- Royal Enfield
Concept Bag Design- Royal Enfield
Concept- GPS Carrier- Royal Enfield
A Sleek Solution to revolutionize the bulky GPS system currently in use. Customized sizes available for the i Pad mini, iPhone and other smart phones.
Concept Water Bottle Design for Royal Enfield
A concept water bottle, design inspitation from the piston mechanism.
What a piston is vehicle, is what water to man- Absolutely Vital.
Belt hanger designed for visual merchandising of Tommy Hilfiger Belt display.
Belt hanger designed for Kabir Leathers
Used as an element of Visual Merchandising. Details viz, style no, brand name etc are combined with a handy, hanging mechanism for the belt.
Designed for  "Princes Martha louise"  Norway
Genuine Italian Leather with Swarovski Crystals and Nickle finished buckle
Tool Design for Leather grooving.
Helmets graphic designed for Royal Enfield.
Logo Design- Savi Leathers, Noida - India.
Logo Design- TechaZeek, Gurgaon - India.
Logo Design- Poem Bags, Gurgaon- India
Logo Design/ Collateral Branding- XPLD design studio, Bhopal - India
First ad designed for VOGUE India, for the launch of Poem Bags. The fossil has been created in POP (Plaster of Paris) and the image later photoshoped
VOGUE India August 2010
Footwear design
Illustration- Software used Adobe Illustrator
Digital Rendering
Software used - Corel Draw
Blog by Francesca, Milan
Featured designer of the month on coroflot.com
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"Show Details", Box Accessories
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