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The Chalk Wall for Orange Label

Illustration / Character design / Interior
Square: 7×3 m²
Materials: chalk on blackboard
Video production: Orange Label
The idea was to create a panorama wall with the sequence of phantasmagoric characters, which would be associated with the creative agency and would be provide such lines as creativity, expression, originality, strength and self-confidence. During the sketching we decided to fix on the plot of semi-human creatures with the animal heads.

The first outlines were straightforward and quite harsh, so Naked Fetish Woman, David Bowie who was spitting with the wires and Mister Grey Alien were rejected. Also in the first variants Wolf-dogs were with iMack monitors instead of its heads and wires instead of brushes. Rabbit was with the retro-futuristic gun in his hand.
The plot was inspired by my favorite science-fiction novels, some fairy-tales and my inside universe, of course. All creatures recieved a special qualities: Naked Woman is beauty; Wolf is strenght; Octopus is creativity & originality; Flying Girl is inspiration; Rabbit is celebrity; Turkey Cock is imagination; Panda Man is premonition; Spaceman is internationality; Chameleon is adaptation; Jellyfish is fluence; Glitch Man is digital; Wires Man is World Wide Web; Owl Guy is wise and Doggy is high.
Working with the chalk was as hard as creating a lithography on the specific stone, you had no possibility to touch a wall with a hand even for a moment cause the drawing would be damaged. It was inconveniently to achieve because lots of tiny details you needed to draw sharp. All soft drawing materials like sanguine, sepia, chalk and charcoal are very specific in use.
The Wall:
Wall is situated in Orange Label Minsk office and I hope workers will not catch a nightmare because of it:)
for watching!
The Chalk Wall for Orange Label

The Chalk Wall for Orange Label

Chalk Wall Illustration for Orange Label, 2015