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    Graffiti Workshop at the Orphanage "Drops of Love" in Itá, Paraguay.
Graffiti Workshop - Orphanage "Drops of Love".
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Every year the students of the Paraguayan school "Los Laureles" have to create a spot for their Marketing end of the year exam. This year (2011) they chose to work with the orphanage, "Drops of Love" and contacted me to give them a Graffiti workshop.

The home "Drops of Love" hosts about 50 kids between the ages of 3 to 17. It's located in the city of Itá which has a distance of about an hour from the capital of Paraguay, Asunción. Some kids have no parents, others come from abusive mothers and/or fathers, others are young pregnant teenagers that need to find a place where they feel some form of contention.

In the orphanage the kids are taught stuff they can create with their hands so that when they leave the orphanage they can find a way to survive working.

Since the workshop lasted one day, we chose the action painting and graffiti technique as a way to let the kids express feelings that words can't describe.

Graffiti, as a form of street art, fully reaches its objective when it works together with the community. The idea of this workshop was to document the process and generate more social consciousness about the orphanage and more attention from the government.

Sometimes these kids are forgotten by society and discriminated for being orphans. What people don't realize is that perhaps they are turning their backs on the greatest future artists of our time.

More pictures here