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    Collection of conceptual digital art examples.
(A collection of examples from a series of photographic works digitally manipulated to address conceptual subjects close or stemming from philosophical questions related to my educational background. Each of the pieces in the series is accompanied by aphoristic outings playing with the notion of analytic thought and its perception and interpretation of the viewer. As serious as their reading might feel, these conceptual captions really are satirical in nature and should be digested with a grain of salt (possibly two).)

All of these works have been made back in 2007.

Concept: Man came to present the Death of God, but that wasn't enough, was it (oh, you wish)? Man itself chose to evict his own superiority further and learnt to subjugate to the control of metaphisics totally: killing himself and his affirmative power (and not knowing he made no steps at all).

Background: I was working on this old image of mine and trying to recreate a control technique, death penalty punishment, of the not-so-old Modern times when I realized that by adding an element of metaphisics (in the last instance Morals (or language)) would explicate what really matters: weakness of humanity.
'Rational ingenuousness', conceptual photography.

Concept: The hope of Afterlife is a tricky invention (don't be offended by it: after all every word is a human invention): it has the polarizing power of amassing whole nations, humanity, each one of us (even self-declared atheists - oh so naive) and lacks the empyrical basis to stand up to scientific scrutiny. But the later is it's sibling too: a development of the mind seeking it's own Truth (and finding only Nothing). The Afterlife, ah, so close to Reason. And the Big Minds have succumbed to it.

Background: I started again with a belief that there is no real difference in religious and scientific (popular) thinking and focused my questioning on the Afterlife. The incentive to live a rigourous life (sounds familiar with rational (modern) approaches, doesn't it?) with no debating material as to why for is an interesting imperative.
The bigger silhouette in the middle of the road with all the little guys walking to the top of the mountain is, here's a hint, a figuriation of the equality these concepts have for intellectual "size". No matter how "developed" our thoughts are, this one gets us all.
'The kingdom of Ideas', conceptual photography.

Concept: What arguments your belief in Ideas so solidly that makes you think surreal phenomenons are "less real" than real ones. Notice: both are denoted as such, surreal and real, by ourselves. And both are concept of the same realm of Ideas (vehicled through Language). Closing your eyes and hearing a sentence describing falling man, what would you think of? This? And with your eyeballs punching in the visuals, do you experience it differently?

Background: I was working on this paysage shot and playing with miniature silhouettes (looks like a series now) falling off of a cliff when I realized that flipping the canvas by 180 degrees really doesn't change anything.
'365 Masquerades', conceptual photography.

Concept: Dreaming pulls off our daily masks and as much as we try insisting on our convictions we don't have them, we fail each and every time.
'', conceptual photography.

Concept: Firm stances in relationships, unmovable and unsymphatetic, tough to the brink of aggresivness: this is the modality of proposing marriage to Nature we humans chose for centuries. And now, in the 21th century, she's just reciprocating the same way.
'Ads', conceptual photography.

Concept: The fruits of advertising, deleterious as they may be for our complex of needs, produce phenomenons - specifically: lifestyles. A circulum vitiousus of "what we strive for" and "what we are" that faces the fact of the Evolution of the human race, i.e.: "We are billboard beings." (and the advertisement of Reality, becoming distorted, is the oxygen we breathe every single day).

Background: Had to come back with something that wasn't just flashes and stock photography, problematizes the currency of it, but nevertheless returns to it to feed my (our) lungs and keeps the belly full.